Nepal and Malaysia established diplomatic relations in 1960. The bilateral relationship is marked by amity, goodwill and understanding. As members of the United Nations and the Non-aligned Movement, both Nepal and Malaysia cherish deep respect for and faith in the objectives and principles enshrined in the UN Charter.People to people contacts for over a century have also contributed to nurture the bilateral relationships. The loyalty and dedication displayed by the Gurkha soldiers from Nepal during the painful times of external aggression and internal conflicts in Malaysia in the last century is still deep in the memory of the Malaysian people.

Malaysia is one of the major trading partners of Nepal. There is tremendous scope for the promotion of mutually beneficial commercial relations including trade, investment and tourism promotion between two countries.

Malaysia recognized Nepal as a source country for foreign workers since the beginning of 2001. This decision on the part of the Malaysian Government has become a major factor for the consolidation and diversification of bilateral relationships in the recent years.

Tourism holds great scope for promotion between the two countries. Direct air connection between the two capitals, which started from March 2003 has facilitated to bring our people even closer.