For Applicants in Brunei Darussalam, please   Click Here . Passport Application – Brunei
For Applicants in Indonesia, please Click Here. Passport Application_indonesia
For Applicants in Philippines, please Click Here. Passport Application _ Philippines

Please find the passport application form for Brunei Darussalam / Indonesia/ Philippines (Not for Malaysia) here form2-4mv2-1 (2)

Alternatively you can find it at the website of the Department of Passports, Nepal here (


For Applicants in Malaysia (Please see below guidelines)

A Step by Step Guide to Fill Up Passport Online Application Form: Click Here for Video
  1. The applicants must come in person to the Embassy of Nepal, Kuala Lumpur for renewal of their passport.
  2. Please note that there is no need to bring any photo.
  3. They must bring the following documents for renewal.
  1. For Minor/New Born Applicants:
  • One photocopy of birth certificate (Registered in the competent authority of the country of birth) or One photocopy of Minor ID issued from the relevant District Administration Office in Nepal.
  • One photocopy of passport personal details page, current valid visa page of both the parents.
  • One photocopy of the citizenship certificate of both parents (when applicable).
  • Copy of marriage certificate of the parents.

Application Timing: 09:30 – 13:00 (Monday- Friday except public holidays)

Passport Fees (Renewal): RM 210 (For Adults) and RM 105 (For Minors below 10 years)

Passport Fees (Loss):       RM 420 (For Adults) and RM 210 (For Minors below 10 years)

Passport Collection: Once the passport is ready for collection, the information shall be published on our website and/or our social media page

Normally, it takes up to 45 days for the passport to be ready for distribution.

Things to Note while Filling up the Online Form

  • Application form must be computer typed (Not filled in with hand).
  • Format and size of the form must be correct. Please select A4 option and fit to page option in the print dialogue box.
  • Please ensure that all the required (mandatory if marked as *) information in the application form is correctly filled up; finger prints and signature are confined within the specified boxes of the application form (signature must be within the box without touching any border/s).
  • For applicants, below 5 years, put a cross (x) mark in the signature box and leave the boxes assigned for finger prints blank in the application form.
  • Do not write Mr./Mrs./ Ms./Dr. etc. in the given name of applicant and Next of Kin. Write middle name (if any) in the given name row unless your existing document/s require otherwise.
  • Every date row, whether it is English or Nepali, must be written in the format of Year, Month and Day.
  • Ensure that Place of birth, place of issue etc is name of theDistrict if inside Nepal and Name of the Country if outside Nepal. (E.g. SUNSARI (not Dharan/ Itahari etc) and MALAYSIA (not Kuala Lumpur/ Ipoh etc).
  • Address of applicant and Next of Kin must be from Nepal (one can change the address within the country, if required)
  • Fill in the birth certificate/minor id details in the application form for applicants yet to obtain a citizenship certificate.
  • If the applicant is applying for the first time, leave the data fields 10, 10A and 10B blank