Passport Renewal under Rehiring and E-card Programme

Machine Readable Passport

The passport application remains open from 20 April 2017 to end of 2017. The following documents should be submitted by the employers and applicants:

Check list of the required documents for the passport renewal under Rehiring/E-card:

1. Original Nepalese Citizenship certificate of the applicant
2. Original copy of the expired passport
3. One duly filled passport application form preferably Online form. For online application:Click Here
4. Original E-card issued by the Malaysian Immigration
5. Police report in case of the loss of the passport
6. letter from the Company in its official letterhead requesting the Embassy for the new passport.
7. Four passport size (white background, 35mmX45 mm size, without borders and at least 80 percent of face) colour photographs (only for manual application)
8. HR Manager with authorization letter from the Managing Director or Chief Operating Officer or Chief Executive Officer of the company and all the workers should be present in the Embassy upon submission for thumb print, signature and interview.
9. Signed Employment Contract between the Employer and the Employee (please download it from here as a sample).
10 Employer’s IC copy