Nepal Investment Summit 2019


The political transition that engulfed Nepal for a long period of time has, fortunately, come to an end and the country has embarked on a new journey of rapid economic development and prosperity following the promulgation of the Constitution. Competitive multiparty democracy and liberal economic policy, among others, are the salient features of the Constitution. With the formation of a strong government with robust popular mandate earlier this year, all efforts of the government are now directed towards economic transformation of the country.
As the Government concentrates its efforts on realizing the vision, “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali”, it recognizes the crucial role that the investment, both domestic and foreign, can play in bridging Nepal’s existing capital and technological gaps. The Government has already initiated a range of far-reaching policy reforms with a view to addressing the constraints and bottlenecks that impede investment and offering the most attractive and secure investment opportunities to investors. Political stability has ensured policy consistency and the Government remains firmly committed to taking further measures, commensurate with the needs and circumstances, to ensure the investors-friendly environment.
In an effort to further enhance Nepal’s standing as a promising investment destination and to build on the recent encouraging developments, the Government of Nepal is organizing, ‘Nepal Investment Summit 2019’ on March 29 -30 in Kathmandu. The Summit will bring together prominent national and international speakers, dignitaries, policy-makers as well as sector-specific experts and, more importantly, high-level representatives of the governments.
After a gap of over two decades, the Government had organized Nepal Investment Summit 2017 to promote Nepal as an investment destination for the next decade. The Summit generated huge interest in the international community, thus helping to create a positive momentum among potential foreign investors.
This Summit, a major investment promotion initiative of the Government of Nepal, is a continuous effort and commitment to attract and encourage investment.

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