Demand Attestation

Nepalese Workers Demand Documentation:

Malaysian companies, proprietorship firms and individuals who have valid approvals from concerned authorities of the Government of Malaysia for recruiting foreign workers can contact the embassy for attestation of workers demand documents.

For the sake of clarity and transparency in the manpower deals, the employers are encouraged to place demand directly with the licensed manpower agencies in Nepal without using any service of the agents.

The embassy attests the manpower-related documents in a specified format. While submitting the documents, please note the following points;

1. The documents must be signed by one of the directors mentioned in form 49 under Companies Act, 1965 [Section 141(6)]. In case of sole-proprietorship or partnership firms, the documents must be signed by one of the partners mentioned in the Form D (Regulation 13) of Companies Commision of Malaysia. If the approval for foreign worker is in the name of a person, the person should present himself/herself for attestation of the documents.
2. HR representative from the company should submit the documents at the embassy together with the copy of NRIC or i-Card and authorization Letter. However, the embassy encourages the senior management personnel of the company to present himself/herself for submission of the workers demand document.
3. Agents are not entertained for the submission and collection of the workers demand document.
4. If the company already has Nepalese workers, make available two or more of them for enquiry by the embassy.
5. The embassy may need to visit the company’s premises as a part of the review process of the demand document and to physically assess occupational safety and health, condition of living quarters and overall security for the workers.

Please click here to go to download section to download detailed checklist required for attestation