Foreign Workers Demand Attestation for the Recruitment from Nepal

Any employers who are authorized to recruit foreign workers and wishes to recruit from Nepal can submit Demand Documents for Embassy’s attestation upholding following Standard Operating Procedures. Employer does not need to fill up this online application form who is willing to attest renewed KDN approval only.

A. Resumption of Recruitment of Already Attested Demands: 
1. The Employer wishing the resumption of recruitment of Nepali workers from already attested demand letters may need to get attestation of renewed KDN approval or Power of Attorney or both by paying MYR 400.00 of each document.
2. Attestation of KDN extension letter and Power of Attorney is service on demand, so please request the Embassy with an official letter. (Sample Available Here)
3. Employer willing to make attestation of renewed KDN approval or POA or both does not require to fill up online application form.
4. Before submitting documents to the Embassy, employers are requested to communicate with the concerned recruitment agency in Nepal and get information that what documents they are requiring for Embassy’s attestation.
5. The documents should be submitted to the Embassy by authorized person only.
6. Please attach the cover page of previously attested demand documents.
7.  Documents Submission: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
8. Documents Collection: Monday
9 . Time for Submission and Collection: 14:00-16:00
B. Procedure for New Demand Attestation: 


Step 1: Fill Up Online Application Form and Get Appointments कागजात बुझाउने समय लिनको लागि भर्नुपर्ने अनलाईन फाराम

Search and Choose Recruitment Agencies in Nepal

Step 2: Submit Documents and Get Approval

Documents Submission: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Documents Collection: Monday
Time for submission and collection: 14:00-16:30


Required Documents for Attestation/Checklist of Documents
1. Application letter to the Embassy of Nepal, Kuala Lumpur [Specific Format] and Letter of Undertaking [Specific Format]
2. Copy of KDN quota approval (Bahasa Malay) valid for more than 30 days.
3. Copy of English translation of KDN quota approval letter (by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka /Court interpreter or translator) attested by Consular Division of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, Malaysia
4. Demand letter signed by the employer and attested by the Department of Labour of Malaysia and the Consular Division of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, Malaysia. Specific Format pdf Word
5. Employment Contract signed by the Employer [Specific Format]
6. Power of Attorney [Specific Format]
7. Demand letter, employment contract and related documents should be strictly signed by the Chief Executive Officer, company director or manager authorised by the company. The documents should be            submitted to the Embassy by the CEO or company director or authorised manager. The following documents of the authorised person should be submitted for submission and collection of the documents:
• Authorization letter
• Form 9- Company Registration Certificate (SSM)
• Form 49 – Register of Company Directors
• Copy of the EPF contribution receipt
• Copy of NRIC/Passport
8. List of currently working Nepali nationals with their passport number and contact numbers
9. Other relevant documents / Information:
• Salary slips of latest three months of existing Nepalese workers
• List of client/s where the Nepalese workers are to be deployed by the company (for the service sectors like security & cleaning)


  • Documents shall be submitted in two sets.
  • Please arrange the sequence of the documents as per the checklist before submission.
  • Documents should be duly signed by the Employer and stamped on all the pages.
  • Do not staple on Application, KDN, Demand Letter, Employment Contract and Power of Attorney
  • Mention monthly salary including overtime (maximum overtime four hours in a day) as per the Malaysian labour laws;
  • Provide one day holiday in a week as permitted by the Malaysian labour laws.
  • Female workers are allowed for manufacturing sector only.
  • Agents are not entertained for the submission and collection of the workers demand document.
  • The embassy may need to visit the company’s premises as a part of the review process of the demand document and to physically assess occupational safety and health, condition of living quarters and overall security for the workers.

Fees/Charges for Attestation
Attestation of Workers Demand Documents (1-25 workers) MYR 1000.00
Attestation of Workers Demand Documents (26-100 workers) MYR 1200.00
Attestation of Workers Demand Documents (101 and above) MYR 1400.00
Correction of Demand letter related documents (per document) MYR 400.00

Collection of Attested Documents

  • Attestation may be completed normally within ten working days.
  • The information of attestation is directly delivered to the concerned authorities in Nepal via Foreign Employment Information Management System (FEIMS) as soon as it is approved.
  • Attested documents can be collected on Monday from 14:00-16:30 hrs only.
  • If your Receipt No. is not included in the list of following Pending Demand Letters after 10 working days of submission of the Embassy has not contacted you for further clarification within that period, it indicates the approval of your demand letters.

Collection of Old Attested Documents

  • Demand  Documents which were submitted before 18 March 2020 can be collected submitting an application letter by the Directors/HR Manager of the Company on Monday from 14:00-16:30 hrs.
  • The Employer who wish to resumption for the recruitment of Nepali workers from these already attested demand needs to get attestation of renewed KDN by paying MYR400.00.
  • Employer willing to attest renewed KDN approval only does not need to fill up online application form.

Pending Demand Letters [updated on 27 April 2022]: The demand letters with following Receipt No. are in pending. Please contact to 03-20201901 at anytime or visit to Labour Counsellor at Room No. 303 of the Embassy from 14:00 to 16:30 and clear your pending issues for the attestation of demand letters.

Newly Submitted Pending Demand: Receipt No. 20341, 20442, 21202, 21224, 21221, 22322, 22323,22952, 22953, 23952, 23953, 23954, 23616, 23629, 23944, 23975, 24257, 24315, 24317, 24318, 24299, 24321, 24510, 24514, 24727, 24737, 24741, 24745, 24750, 24784, 24790, 24794, 25337, 25598  

Old Pending Demand

893451 893933 894024 894025 894117 894292
894507 896059 896185 899219 899250 899323
899490 899551 894281 900472 900765 901008
901122 901129 901153 901174 901227 901279
901397 901557 901733 901965 902047 902141
902186 902201 902303 902315 902319 902324
902453 902477  902574 902607 902637 902755
Notice Regarding the Implementation of Minimum Wage MYR1500
This is to inform all the concerned that the Government of Malaysia has implemented a basic minimum salary of MYR1500 since 01 May 2022. In this regard, the Embassy shall attest only those demand documents which guarantee for the implementation of the minimum monthly basic wage of MYR1500. The Embassy informs the concerned employers, whose demand documents are in the process of attestation at the Embassy, to revise the designated pages of Demand Documents and Contract of Employment, and submit to the Embassy.

For More Information
Labour Section, Embassy of Nepal, Wisma Paradise, No. 63 Jalan Ampang,  50450, Kuala Lumpur
email:      Phone: +60-3-2020 1901